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Round Grove United Church, UCC

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Dr. Byron S. Wells, Pastor


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Holy Communion is included on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month.

No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!

Looking for worship that embodies what it proclaims? At RGUC, we create intentional spiritual journeys to help people grow. This is done through worship series that offer various ways to learn and communicate through any combination of verbal, visual, musical, logical, or personal participation.

Through inspiring worship series, the message at RGUC is integrated through all the elements. Striving for “M-M-Good Worship” (Meaningful and Memorable), worship has meaning when the faith story connects with life stories, and it is memorable when the stories stick with us beyond the time and place of worship. Worship that is meaningful and memorable shapes our lives outside of worship and draws people into a closer relationship with God.

No matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome at RGUC!

Looking for a unique worship experience where you are welcomed with radical hospitality?

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You are “Welcome!” here!

QUEST: The Awakened Traveler

July 7 - 28, 2024

Whether you travel far away or see your local surroundings as if for the first time, pilgrimage has long been a spiritual practice, and “journey” a deeply-felt metaphor for our spiritual lives. “Quest” comes from the Latin root meaning “ask, seek.” Join us for this four week worship series that will encourage us to open ourselves more fully to the curiosity and wonder, reflection and transformation that travelers — not merely tourists — experience when they choose to immerse themselves in soul-widening adventures.

Imagine the People of God

June 9 - 30, 2024

What does a community look like that is living out its call to be the “people of God?” In this four week series, we are asked by our inspirational theme song to “Imagine the People of God” that care, share, believe, receive, seek, dream, and change. Readings from the Epistle letters to early Christian communities will help us enter into this conversation that is as old as Christianity itself. Join us as we come together to imagine and create better relationships, better family, better church, better world!

Resurrection Stories

April 7 - May 19, 2024

The Easter Season is a time of celebrating all the ways in which resurrection is possible in our lives. We can be in need of rising out of the depth of imprisonment, addiction, poverty, illness, and oppression — not just physically and literally, but also spiritually.

What keeps us locked up inside? What holds us back from the joy of life? What binds us, keeping us from the fullness of who God created us to be?

Join us for powerful testimonies of courage, kindness, strength, and overcoming — Resurrection Stories — from those who have found “resurrection” in their lives. It might just inspire you to unlock your own rising up!

what r u up 2?

February 18 - March 31, 2024

Lent is often known as a time of giving something up in order to make room in our lives for spiritual pursuits. Rather than just “giving up” in Lent, the scriptures ask us to consider all that Jesus is “up to” and all that he asks us to be “up to” in his name.

Bread, Bath & Beyond

January 7 - February 11, 2024

The new year always brings opportunity to move beyond our limitations . . . to find new beginnings and be better than we were before. We use this cultural word-play in our series title to remember that the basic transforming experiences of our faith — communion and baptism — are the strarting points for life “beyond” our limitations. Let’s make this year one of amazing transformation — for our lives, for our community, for our world!

“The Gift of Being Present”

November 26 - December 24, 2023 (Advent/Christmas worship series)

Advent can be filled with worry about finding the perfect Christmas gifts. Deep down we want people in our lives to know they are special and that we love them. But sometimes we overlook the greatest gift of all… our very presence.

Our spiritual ancestors were also worried — often about survival  in the midst of political occupation. And the response of the scriptures is “the Holy Living One is with you.” Like a shepherd who never leaves the flock, we are held close.

This season, we are invited to be the gift of presence for our loved ones, for our communities, for those who need it most.

“Outside My Own Little World”

October 8 - November 19, 2023

It seems the world these days teeters between those who seek to protect "their own" and those who dare to declare that all are worthy of compassion and care. Can we get out of our comfort zones, our "own little world," and remember that we are the Body together — the hands and feet of Christ in a frightened and hurting world?

“Come to the Table”

September 3 - October 1, 2023

In this series, we hear the call to dine with Jesus — an invitation that means much more than a simple eating experience. It never was with Jesus. The table was the place where he fed people and also challenged them to acts of hospitality that reflect God’s way. When we say “yes” to the place at Christ’s table, we accept a way of life that embraces God’s definition of love, peace, grace, and joy.

“A Way Out of No Way”

July 23 - August 27, 2023

We enter the biblical narrative of God’s action in human history “already in progress” and right out of the gate we are plopped down in the middle of a major crisis: Noah and the flood. During this series, we will witness Old Testament Bible stories of God urging the people forward in times when it seemed there was no way out.

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