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Round Grove United Church UCC (United Church of Christ) WELCOMES you! Everyone is invited to share in our activities. We recognize all Christians as being part of the church – the Body of Christ. We expect everyone to continue to grow in their faith relationships with God based on their previous faith experiences. Thus, everyone can remain true to her or his beliefs, while being united in Worship, Education and Service. We celebrate our unity through our diversity.

Children are always welcome in Worship! We do have a Nursery available for the loving care of babies and young children. The Worship Celebration can be heard in the Nursery.

All persons, who believe in and follow Jesus Christ, are invited to share in the sacrament of Holy Communion (the Lord’s Supper). Communion is usually celebrated during the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month. The bread and cup are distributed in the pews, and they are eaten or drunk by everyone at the same time.

There is no special class to become a member of Round Grove United Church UCC, and we accept full membership or associate memberships. Associate members are those who want to keep their membership at their previous church, but would like to be a member of RGUC, too. Confirmation classes for youth 7th grade and older are taught by Pastor Wells. Members, Friends and Guests are always welcome to attend Sunday School, Worship, and Fellowship activities!

Our Outreach includes supporting Christian Community Action in Lewisville (Back to School items, Food Pantry Shelf Project, holiday food baskets, Christmas Giving Tree, as well as monitary donations). Support for Neighbors in Need, One Great Hour of Sharing, EdenHill Ministries, and the UCC Christmas Fund is given annually.

The Congregation began on Epiphany (January 6) 1901 and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2001 with celebrations over several months. In 2011, the Congregation celebrated the 110th anniversary culminating with an Anniversary Celebration in May. The Historic Original Building on the south side of Round Grove Road is leased by a funeral home. The Round Grove Cemetery is behind the Historical Original Building.


Everyone is invited to share in our activites!

We recognize all Christians as being part of the Church - the Body of Christ.

We expect everyone to continue to grow in their faith relationships with God based on their previous faith experiences.

Round Grove Mission Statement

“As a people gathered in response to God’s call,
we seek to provide for the organization of a growing and renewed church so that it is OPEN TO ALL PEOPLE
and self-governing in its approach to the following of the ministry set before it by Jesus Christ.

Called by God through the Gospel and our historical striving for Christian Unity, we seek to Worship God with praise and to respond to the positive Good News by the living out of a growing unity in Christ and the sharing of the message to the whole community.

We seek to reach out to ALL PERSONS of every age to invited them to share in Christian Fellowship, Friendship, and Support through service, fellowship gatherings, and education. We strive to follow a positive approach leading to the growth of persons in their everyday living through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We seek to grow as faithful servants of the resources God has given us for the ministry of the local church and of the missions beyond ourselves.”

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